John Marten Barnard



In studio classes also now online

With the current situation, most of the in studio classes have moved online using Skype video calling and messaging. Feel free to join the one hour class sessions, focusing on spoken fluency and accuracy, through April, May and June. Contact John at

John Marten Barnard

Graduado ’Honours in Political Science’, University of Portsmouth, Reino Unido.

Desde 1989 afincado en Barcelona acumulo experiencia formativa de la lengua inglesa adaptando siempre y con éxito la metodología a las necesidades del alumno.

Planteo la ensenanza de la idioma ingles con objetivos concretos en cada caso particular constatando los avances constantemente.

Metodologia dinamica, audio visual y actualizada con materiales adaptados a cada caso particular.

    • CERF oriented
    • 25 years of experience
    • Business English specialised

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    • Needs Analysis
    • Objective Led Training
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